At the practice of Donald L. Dillon, D.D.S., our focus is on education, understanding, prevention, patient comfort, quality, and personalized treatment for a lifetime of dental health. Our mission is to serve each patient with a commitment to excellence, integrity, and compassion.

Our general dental office is the primary dental care facility for patients of all ages and conditions. We diagnose, treat, manage and coordinate dental health services, and our goal is to provide comprehensive care in one convenient location.

Our facility includes a reception, administrative, sterilization, and laboratory areas, a private consultation room, and four treatment areas. By integrating cutting-edge technology, equipment, products and administering care through our highly trained staff, our patients receive state of the art dental treatments and gentle care.

Each of our team members recognizes our goal of optimal dental health for every patient we treat. We promote the well being of our patients by serving them with our time, knowledge, clinical expertise, compassion, and creativity. Patient education resulting in a complete understanding of the unique conditions and treatment options available is very important to us. Patients who have the freedom to make informed decisions usually choose the best care to maintain good oral health.

We would rather prevent disease than treat it because by avoiding problems, our patients are healthier and happier. However, when treatment is required, we provide solutions that offer the most favorable prognosis and positive impact on a patient’s overall health and well being.

We are committed to establishing lasting relationships built on open communication, mutual trust, respect, and understanding. Each person is unique, with individual needs and values. It is through building relationships that we come to know one another and achieve our shared goals.